Every Shameless Ray

Poems by Leslie Timmins

(Inanna Publication 2018)

“…powerful … evocative… adventurous…”
Ormsby Review

Intellectually curious, emotionally acute and playful in form, the poems in Every Shameless Ray more often than not rely upon the unreliable. Accidents and reversal disrupt habits of perception and desire, like the tipped-over kayaker who rides a river’s current upside-down to find a ‘green channel’ of namelessness; like the shock of a photograph of children caught in war; like a lover met in middle age who finds the ‘second chance, lower row’ of  wet black papaya seeds.

Though the heart may ache, grave illness threaten, war rage and art tear down its foundations, in Every Shameless Ray a shameless calling goes on disrupting and illuminating, restoring and repairing in a ‘fine disorder’ of possibility.

Praise for Every Shameless Ray

Leslie Timmins has given us, in Every Shameless Ray, a challenging collection of powerful and evocative poems — poems which are at once tenebrous and illuminating and which will test the elasticity of her readers’ minds and imaginations. [Her] choice of subject matter is relevant, resonant and (at times) other-worldly.

Ormsby Review #725 by P.W. Bridgman

If half the pleasure of Timmins’ poetry comes from discovering surprising new perspectives, as in “The Field Speaks of Its Persistence,” much of the rest comes from our sense of her tactile control of texture and language as she ranges from the endearingly domestic through the joyfully sensual to encounters with disease…

– Christopher Levenson, Governor General’s Award nominee and author
of A tattered coat upon a stick and Night Vision

Whether traversing the fraught terrain of cancer or depicting the ecstatic in Matisse’s canvasses, Timmins explores the nature of perception, its shifts and shadows, in finely wrought, beautifully crafted poems. This collection shimmers with a radiant engagement with life.

– Fiona Tinwei Lam, author of Intimate Distances and
Enter the Chrysanthemum

Enter the world of these poems and be shamelessly transformed.

– Susan McCaslin, author of Into the Open: Poems New and Selected

Many of the poems… open the windows and throw back the curtains to expose the multi-dimensional landscape of Timmins’ exquisite mindset. This book is well worth reading.

Canadian Poetry Review, Issue 10 by Candice James

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